Exploring wolf references: Run with the wolves


“Run with the wolves” has different meanings based on the context.

In the context of the phrase: “If you run with wolves, you will learn how to howl”, it is closely associated with a similar phrase, “You can tell a person by his friends/the company he keeps.” The idea is you will behave like “the pack” you run with.

The phrase also has a more positive connotation, as used in the book Women Who Run with Wolves. This is a reference to get in touch with one’s more wild and carefree side. If you let yourself “run with the wolves” you are allowing yourself unbridled freedom — for creative expression or to simply live a more “wild” existence.

This subject was inspired by #WerewolfWednesday, which I hold each week on my Facebook page.

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Humans have a long and sordid history with wolves. As I explore these phrases, I’ll note that much of the danger of wolves is mythology. Wolf fact can be found here.


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