Werewolf Wednesday Recap

Each Wednesday for the last year has been #WerewolfWednesday — a celebration of the werewolf. While it has been fun, this is my last #WerewolfWednesday post, as I explore new topics … Continue reading

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What is Horror?

People tend to argue about horror a bit. I suppose many definitions are floating around. For instance, I’ve had some readers say that my horror novel The Wolf at His … Continue reading

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The Wolf at War comes out in 7 days!

In a worldwide, coordinated attack, werewolves topple governments around the globe. A new Wolf Order takes control, placing humans at the bottom of the hierarchy. Fractured after the attacks, the … Continue reading

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From the #QuoteGarden: Late November

November continues to plod across the calendar with the resolve of a migrating herd. Yet such dreary days inspire us to see the world in beautiful terms. Certain times, if … Continue reading

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Otherworldly Words: Dire

If you watch the news, you’re quite familiar with this word. many dire situations arise around the globe and dire predictions—from the stock market to the climate. Dire derives from … Continue reading

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Author Shorts Question 3: The perfect scene…

I’ve started a new segment where I’ve asked a variety of authors to answer a few questions that I pose. Of course, I love a twist. All answers had to … Continue reading

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The Wolf at War book launch

Join me for a virtual book launch on the Facebook event page. The WOLF AT WAR will be released on Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. I’ll be posting throughout the day – … Continue reading

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Otherworldly Words: Pierrot

Clowns creep many people out. Why is that? Do you think it’s because they express a twisted duality within human nature, as a character who wears a sad face but makes us … Continue reading

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From the #QuoteGarden: November

November is a month I am, well, let’s say that I’m hard on November. It’s one of those in between months that can’t quite decide what season it is. It … Continue reading

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Otherworldly Words: Tenebrous

November is associated with many things: Thanksgiving and Black Friday (in America and the Canadian border), the beginning of the Christmas season, and football. I, however, associate November with clouds. … Continue reading

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Every day is Halloween

So, I write mystery and horror, so as the song goes, for me every day is Halloween. That doesn’t mean I take for granted the magic of this time of … Continue reading

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A very little bit of Halloween humor

Just because Halloween is for scares, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a good chuckle. or maybe a groan at a really bad joke. Enjoy! :)      

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