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Werewolf Wednesday: Dream Interpretation with Werewolves

Have you ever dreamed about werewolves? Alas, I never have, but, as a child, I did once dream a movie (I kid you not) about wolves with opening and closing credits and everything.

For #WerewolfWednesday, let’s take a look at dream interpretation when a werewolf appears:

According to The Interpretation of Dreams, the appearance of a werewolf is a bad omen, one portending betrayal by someone close to you.

UncleSirBobby argues that the a werewolf is a manifestation of a change within the dreamer — perhaps due to an intense argument. Or, it could be all about the sex. Just click the link.

At Dreamdoze, the interpreters run a gamut, but again, sex plays a pretty big role.

Finally, Blurtit.com offers explanations for both seeing yourself turn into a werewolf and seeing a werewolf in your dreams. If you turn, the site agrees with UncleSirBobby (above) that this is a manifestation of anger within. Confronting a werewolf, however, is a representation of fear.

Check out each link for the full scoop.

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